Quartz Crystal in Sterling Silver Tension Wrapped Pendant

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Total Weight: 16.87 carats
Size: 42 mm tall by 10 mm wide by 8 mm thick
Wire Metal: Sterling Silver
Material: Quartz Crystal
On sale today is a beautiful Quartz Crystal artfully wrapped in a tension forged sterling silver wire wrap. This is a wonderful all natural stone that is almost perfectly clear with only a few natural inclusions that only highlight its beauty. The delicate crystal shape is enhanced by the swirling waves of sterling silver which securely grasp the stone and really make it pop. 
Metaphysically, quartz crystals encourage clarity of thought and purpose to one's heart and mind. It is often used to cleanse, open, activate, and align all of the chakras. It also protects against negativity and helps you attune to your higher self.
My wire work is all done by me in a tension forging technique using a hammer and anvil. I have been using this technique for almost 17 years with great results. I call it tension forging because all that holds the piece securely in the wrap is the tension of the wire. It is a single piece of wire and there is no glue or solder added making it exceedingly organic while still remaining very secure.      
Photos: I try to give a good idea of the piece that you are buying, so I always take two photos. The first photo is in natural light and the second photo is under LED lights. That way you have an example of what the piece looks like in multiple lighting situations. This is also why the two photos do not always match but it is always of the same piece of jewelry.