Custom Made Wire Wraps

In addition to selling already made jewelry, I also create custom wraps using stones and gems of your own personal choosing. Most any stone, gem, glass shard, or valued keepsake can be wrapped and turned into a beautiful piece of jewelry. I can wrap most anything big or small in copper, brass, sterling silver, or 14kt gold. A breakdown of custom wrapping prices are as follows:
Copper and Brass
18 - 14 gauge $25.00
10 gauge $35.00
Sterling Silver
18 gauge $30.00
16 gauge $40.00
14 gauge $50.00
10 gauge $100.00
14kt Gold
18 gauge $200.00
16 gauge $300.00
14 gauge $400.00
These prices also include return shipping and handling.
I also do wire wrapping wholesale for a less expensive per piece price.
To get a custom piece done simply email me and we can discuss the shipping details and payment options.