November Birthstone Imperial Topaz Glass Vial Pendant

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Glass Vial Pendant Containing Imperial Topaz Chips
Size: 1 inch tall
Cap Metal: Stainless Steel
Vial contains: Imperial Topaz Chips
Birthstone Of: November
Lovely glass vial containing small chips of Imperial Topaz. Stones are all natural and are also the birthstone for November. Metaphysically imperial topaz is thought to have come from the sun and has the power to protect and heal, and also to break enchantments.
Photos: I try to give a good idea of the piece that you are buying, so I always take two photos. The first photo is in natural light and the second photo is under LED lights. That way you have an example of what the piece looks like in multiple lighting situations. This is also why the two photos do not always match but it is always of the same piece of jewelry.